Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Finished Items

This project I just finished was so old, its been bouncing around since 2006. I am hazarding a guess that this was started between October and December 2006. I make that guess because when I found my ziplock bag containing these mitts, there was also 2 cards with my Feb 07 appointments for blood test and doctor visit. Since back then I had insurance and was having my diabetes checks every 3 months, I figure I slipped them in the bag sometime late December 2006. The pattern is from an October page from the 2006 pattern a day calendar.
I dug them out of the stash and in just a couple days finished them off. The mitts are extra long, and I can even knit with them on. My wrist was feeling sore, I think from the cold, and after knitting while wearing the first one while working on the second, it felt fine.
They aren't the most fashionable, but are warm and still keep my fingers available. With my short stubby fingers, the ones with short fingers aren't for me. This fits just fine.
The Lady Eleanor is finally dry and off the blocking board. I love it but no full length picture yet. I'll probably take it to Spin Guild for show and tell and pictures then. Sunday is supposed to be rainy. I don't want it wet again after all the time it took to dry!
Last Sunday we had our church's Annual Meeting. We had a smallish turnout, but it went well and I managed not to get elected to anything. I kept my eyes on my knitting when not taking pictures and tried not to call attention to myself.

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