Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ten for '10, the New Decade

I guess maybe I could come up with some resolutions. Since I am not good at New Year’s Resolutions, maybe I can do better if I make them for a whole 10 years.

1 Live long enough to retire.
2 Get a job I can retire from.
3 Make a sweater or shawl—a big project--out of homespun yarn .
4 Make another.
5 Try to get Hubby into something hand-knit.
6 Blog faithfully, at least 2 weekly/8 times a month minimum.
7 For every project I buy yarn for, make another out of stash yarn—at least sometimes, until stash gets low. “Low” being determined by my own judgment.
8 Continue to use crock-pots for meals.
9 Spend time with yarn every day—knitting or spinning or both
10 Become a grandma. I think ten years should be enough time for the boys to find someone nice and settle down. I won’t hold my breath on this one though.

Well—that sounds like a doable list, especially if I stretch it out over ten years. No one will remember after that much time what I resolved.

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