Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nine from '09

Here is a list of movies I discovered and loved this year. All old and mostly thanks to Turner Classic Movie channel. Nine from 2009.

1—Roberta. It’s a musical with Fred Astaire and Randolph Scott. You got to love a movie that has that macho cowboy as a romantic lead, and the owner of a Paris fashion shop.
2—Golddiggers of 1933. Again a musical. Ruby Keeler, Dick Powell and with Ginger Rogers singing “We’re in the Money” in Pig Latin. Hilarious, even in today’s economy. I especially love when a friend comes over to borrow the “good dress” and silk stockings for a job interview.
3—Wuthering Heights. I read the book years ago and had trouble understanding it. I understand it better now, and love Olivier in it. A perfect Heathcliff.
4—Now, Voyager. I generally am not a fan of Bette Davis. Too tough for me to enjoy. But in this role she is much more sympathic, and I love her transformation.
5—The Man Who Came to Dinner. What a romp! Again, a Bette Davis I can love. During the intro, they say that she is playing opposite the role she usually plays, and its true. No wonder I like her in this.
6—Dinner at Eight. Another old ensemble piece. The different guests with their own agendas. Such fun to watch.
7—Key Largo. Wasn’t what I expected, but loved every minute of it. A great surprise. I almost changed the channel, and am glad I didn’t.
8—The Private Live of Henry VIII. From 1933 and a great film. Elsa Lancaster tricking Henry to divorce her is a riot.
9—Captains Courageous. I was delighted with this one. I knew it starred Tracey as an Latin fisherman, but it wasn’t what I expected. Freddy Bartholomew almost made me change the channel early on, but I held on and loved the piece.

There they are, my favorite “new” discoveries from this past year. And not a new movie in the bunch.

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