Thursday, December 10, 2009

Now This Is More Like It!

I was greatly dissappointed with the storm yesterday. Even though all the schools were closed, by the time I drove into work yesterday, the roads were not bad. They were empty. As a result I was able to stop and take some great pictures on my way to work. The snow had mostly stopped by the time I went in.

By this time the road was wet and sloppy. It did make for some great pictures though.
This was taken off the back porch today. While we aren't getting the wind for a blizzard, we are windy and snowy.
Just as a comparison--this is looking over the pasture to the back woods yesterday in the heavy wet snow, early in the morning.

This is almost the same view, taken from the same place. With windy lake effect, dryer, finer snow.

Neat, huh?

I love winter. I think I'll go knit.

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