Friday, December 18, 2009

Toasty Fingers

I finished my red mittens last night and tried them out today. Warm and toasty fingers. And since the fleece that I lined them with still had the lanolin in it, they make my skin soft.
And since Younger Son finally showed some interest in having his own wooly warm hat, I started his own Very Warm Hat. It is bulky wool, in charcoal and medium gray.

I have the outside almost done and should be able to start the inside tomorrow, if it fits. I decided not to cut if off until he tries it on. Gilbert the wonder dog just says "Knittin', Schmittin. Move those needles Mama so I can sit on your lap."


Christylea said...

The mittens are adorable!

sandy peavey said...

Where did you get that funny looking furry baby??? Why does #2 son get a hat and not Gilbert? maybe a big pink fluffy one????
He is looking quite cute but neglected maybe he should have some ice cream.