Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Knit Knite Knews

I was afraid that we wouldn't be having Knit Nite tonight, but so far, the winter storm is, as I said before, a bust.

We had a smaller group, as Christine lives a little south, and the snow started earlier there. Bonnie came and has almost knit up her entire skein. She is even looking toward her next project! She wants some Fun Fur or eyelash yarn to knit another one. Sandy was finishing some socks for her great-grandsons in Maine. Flo was working on a Christmas present--an afghan in sherbert orange.
I was there working on my red mittens. Instead of knitting in a lining, I am lining them with Lincoln locks, in the grease. The white are when I knit in the bits of "thrumms" that I make from the carded locks. They are really going to be warm and hopefully a little waterproof with the lanolin still in the locks..
Because, as you see, the inside looks like fuzzy throat of an exterrestial. But once the fuzzies felt down, won't they be warm?
The highlight of the evening whas when we coerced our priest Duncan to come in. The vestry met tonight, and because they met extra early, they were done before we left. When Duncan came in, Flo showed him the hat she had made him. It was a superwash, self striping sock yarn, but in a worsted weight. He wanted an earflap hat that wasn't too tight. When he saw it, he lit up like a little boy.

He pronounced the fit perfect. Now he can ride his bicycle all winter with warm ears.

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