Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thinking Ahead

This past week the historical committee for the fair met and talked about our next year's theme and the silent auction that we use for a fund raiser during the time our exhibit is open.

Previously we have tried to solicit donations from businesses but with the economy it is really hard. This past year, some of the favorite items were homemade pies, and some handmade quilts. So each of us on the committee are to try to find 2 items for the sale.

I am no good at asking for donations, so I am going to make a couple shawls. I had found 2 patterns I thought looked fairly simple, Laura Chau's Milkweed, and HelloKnitty's Multnomah shawl. If you look at the links, both are fairly simple and small shoulder shawls. I figure a large skein of sock yarn will work just fine to make one.

So I stopped at the New Ewe yarn shop in Newaygo to see their selection. I found some lovely soft and subtle Alpaca Sox that has enough yardage for either one. But as I was browsing, one of the gals that work there (AKA Number 1 Enabler) pointed out a store sample shawl knit in bulky yarn called Flying Geese. It is a triangle shawl and basic garter stitch, with repeating triangles of yarn overs to make a pattern similar to the Flying Geese quilt square. I browsed further and found this wonderful chunky yarn.
It is the same brand I made the Rose Green Cardigan out of. And it is 100% acrylic so good for a raffle that probably would not be won by a fiber fiend. This acrylic does not feel like a cheap acrylic and I loved knitting with it. I ended up picking the wonderful fall colors of gold, red, yellow and green that should knit up nicely--they are a little brighter in real life. And with the gold and yellow, I shouldn't not have too hard a time giving it up.

I want to knit it up quick and pass it to the committee chair before I fall too strongly in love with it. Our next meeting is November 2. I wonder if I can have it done by then? I guess I may have to start it soon. Then I will decide between one of the other two patterns with the alpaca.

Oh darn. Another project. :-)

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