Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sock Flaps and Borders

Finally, I started the heel flap on the second grey chevron sock. It hasn't really been suffering from second sock syndrom. Just so many other projects that kept crowding ahead of it. Now that the flap has started, that makes me feel that much farther along and it will be progressing along. Next sock in rotation is the pair I'm making from the sock blank I kool-aid dyed. I can't wait to get those going again. And I think the pair I started on the ridiculously tiny 9 inch circular needle will soon be transfering to my good old double points. I just cannot get a grip on the little toothpicks on the end of the cable.
I have grabbed the chevron socks and the Pi are Square shawl for Knit Nite tonight. I kept loosing markers from the Pink Lady sweater last week. And the Wrap Me Up is in a difficult traveling phase right now. Just a couple rows of garter before casting off the last end. Then weaving in ends and blocking before the pattern recommends picking up the bajillion stitches on each long side for the borders. Just garter along the top edge which should be ok, and then a lacy and saw-tooth edging for the last, bottom side. I think it will be relegated to stay at home project for the duration now. I hope to have some pictures to put up later tonight.

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