Monday, October 12, 2009

Chalk Up Another One

I finished the Wrap Me Up Shawl.
I think it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! And I may not block it. I kind of like the way the saw tooth edge kind of ruffles. I had to take it with me to Spin Guild today for Show and Tell.
Mary showed off the sweater she is making and look what Evelyn brought!!
Sort of defeats the purpose of spinning to lose weight. (No lie! I've lost weight since I started to knit and spin--need to keep the hands clean you know.)
I also started the Flying Geese Shawl for the Silent Auction. I think I like the slight striping and it should get more subtle as I go along. Other than the stinking size 15 needles (I'm a small needle gal myself), it is going well.
Hope the committee likes it.

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