Sunday, October 11, 2009

Closer to the End

Busy busy. I have been knitting up as storm. I am (TA DAH!) on the final border of the Wrap Me Up Shawl. The Saw Tooth edge (or what the pattern calls the Dragon Tooth edge) is going slowly but easily.
I am pleased with how it looks and not sure if I will show off at Spin Guild and Knit Nite before blocking or block first.
Nah--showing off is much more fun than blocking.

I have added several more colors to the Pi Are Square shawl, and have finished one full skein. Since I switched in the middle of the first, I actually now have about 2 done, since I have knit out a bit on the new one. I have 10 inches and probably about 15 or 20 more to go. No new pictures yet, but will soon.

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