Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh Oh, I Did it Again

I was wondering around the wool room the other day, just touching and getting high on the fumes. Then this pile of skeins hypnotized me.

Next thing I knew the skeins were on the swift and spinning around on the ball winder. And before I could say "hand-dyed wool", it was all wound into neat little balls, and had leaped onto my favorite needles.
Upon counting the skeins, I discovered to my delight that I had enough to make a sweater for me. It is some of Jane's old handdyed Peruvian wool, worsted weight in a colorway called old jeans. And the best part is just a hint of shading to give it a slight kettle-dyed look.

So far I have 10 1/2 inches of the back done. This will be my first sweater made in pieces that will need to be sewn together.
I love it.

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