Thursday, January 15, 2009

Button Band Contemplation

As my Rose Green Cardi nears the neckline I have been contemplating the button band. I didn't really want to use ribbing or seed stitch. I wanted to pick up stitches and go from there all around the neck and both fronts. I managed to google this link for a double knit button band tutorial. I may have found the solution. It sounds promising--thick but being double with stockinette on both the inside and outside of the sweater, it should stay straight and not curl.

But in the meantime, Gertrude kindly consented to model the sweater tonight for an updated picture...

or even two pictures...

Keep in mind that the front edge still curls because it is a raw stockinette edge right now. But I think it is going to fit fine once the button band is on. Next time...I'm thinking zipper instead of buttons. But doesn't Gertrude take a nice picture?

Oh yeah, we are still in the icebox around here. I am swathing myself in wool. But it is pretty out.

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