Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Bad--No Recent Posts

I know, I have been delinquent here. Busy with not much time on the computer. I have been doing much spinning and knitting--finished a braid of roving from Yarn Hollow in pink, red and grays that is so soft. I finished one of the blue socks started quite some time ago, and have been working as well on the rose green cardigan. I actually grafted one of the underarms while watching Pride and Prejudice today. (New version, not the classic Greer Garson one.)

New Year I spent with a friend doing our usual ladies day out. We saw the movie "Australia" which I heartily recommend. It was great. And...well Hugh Jackman is easy on both the eyes and the ears.

This afternoon, amid the softly falling snow, I had to help Hubby clean the "chicken" coop, which he has filled with 2 calves. All I had to do was push the wheelbarrow to the door once he was in, then slide it back when he wanted out. As you can see, the barn kitties figured I needed help.
Later I helped cut slab wood. We have to find a better way to do that. I had to bend over and hold my breath, to keep from sucking in sawdust and exhaust. Not fun.

I did spend some time with Sadie yesterday. She has been becoming a feisty little bunny. I got out a drawer to have her sit in while being groomed and it seems to work better. She fluffs out to one big Bunny.


Angie J said...

Ooh how was the new version? I prefer the 1990 series that BBC put for her books. Just got done rewatching Mansfield park. I also enjoyed sense and sensibility from that era. Many folks may not know this Alan Rickman was Col. Brandon in it and I thought he was excellent

The Barn Kitties all look fat and sassy

D Wright said...

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