Monday, January 19, 2009

Reading and Knitting

Well I finished Harry Potter year 4 today. I am getting so much more out of the series reading it non stop like this. I will be going into the library for a couple hours tomorrow, so I must pick up the last 3 books. I did lay down the book last night for a while so I could start the button band while watching Bye Bye Birdie. But that probably means my knitting/spinning time at home will be cut down, if I am reading the rest of the series.
I hate picking up stitches--it takes sooooo long. I have picked up stitches on the right front, across the back neck and am still picking up down the left side. The area by the pockets takes a while, because the stitches are being picked up through two layers. I am beginning to think I will finish the rose green cardigan by spring time.
Well I better go, I have a report to write for our churches Annual Meeting this weekend (weather permitting of course.)

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