Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Knitting Trials

I am continuing to plug away at the rose-green cardigan.  Now that I have picked up stitches around the front and neck, and doubled them I have a humongous amount of stitches on my 60 inch needle.  In the process of working through them for what would technically be row 2.....Yikes!! The cable slipped off the needle.  I struggled to pick up stitches.  And of course this is made harder by the fact that being double knitting, they separate in to the knit side and the purl side.  I managed to pick them up, while dealing with about 5 phones calls from Younger Son (why couldn't that phone have stayed lost?) Each call necessitated moving the sweater, needles and lost stitches en-masse to the foot stool and running to my purse for the cell phone, then carefully moving the glob of sweater carefully back to lap and JUST as I got the mess back into position and ready to start the pickup process again....  Yup, he called again. 
I decided this was NOT the project to take to Knit Nite last night, but later finished the pickup and knit the rest of the row.  I am now on my way back across, binding off the buttonholes as I go and after this row is completed, only 2 more rows and then I can bind off!!  Yea.  Oh, yeah, and weave in a few loose ends and sew on buttons, but the end is in sight. 
I also discovered the black mohair shawl from the class Jane and I took at Knit Michigan about 2 years ago.  I have so far knit about 1 inch since the class.  I took it to Knit Nite last night, but black mohair is better handled at home, next to my bright light.  I worked on socks after 2 rows.  I don't think it will be done by the 7th.  I had hoped to be able to wear it when we got back to Knit Michigan for the day for a booksigning with Jane and Marla of Jane's book Maidenshawl.  The boxes of books arrived and I am holding off my purchase until I can get both of them to sign it there.   (Or I will get one Friday and have it read by then but take it anyway.  I think I may weaken before the 7th of February.) 

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