Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Knitting News

I have been very diligent in my knitting lately, even if I haven't been so faithful in my blogging.
I continue to plug away on the rose green cardigan.  I will try to get a picture of it on Gertrude soon and post it.  I grafted both underarms and and quite proud of that, since until recently I have been using only a 3 needle bind off on socks and underarms.  They look smooth and tidy.  It is a lot more satisfying to knit now that it doesn't take 30 minutes of non-distracted knitting to finish a row.  The raglan decreases have done their duty and the rows are much quicker now.  Soon I will need to turn my attention on the button band, which will also go around the back of the neck.  I have thought about ribbing, or seed stitch, rather than garter.  I am afraid ribbing may pull in too much, and seed stitch would be introducing a whole new element to the sweater.  Maybe a mistake rib would work. 
I must spend some time mulling this step over.
And weather is still lovely.  Crunchy crisp snow.  And last night, the ice crystals were making pillars in the sky out of distant lights. 
I do love winter, no matter what the grumpusses say.

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Roger said...

You will never end up retiring in Florida, will you ;)