Sunday, January 18, 2009

Knitting and Reading

I probably should have my button band started, only about a dozen or so decreas rows and I will run out of arm stitches. But, I was inspired the other day to read through all of the Harry Potter books, back to back, instead of after a year's pause. Very much more interesting when read this way. I started with year 1 on Thursday night and now am on year 4, so you can see where my knitting time went. Luckily, I won't be back to the library for the next three books until either Tuesday or Wednesday.
Snow finally seems to be ending. We have over 8 inches here at home. Hubby didn't plow all weekend until this afternoon, so I didn't get to church. Still chilly, near zero but we had some nice sunshine this afternoon.
Well, better get off the 'net and back to either knitting or reading.
Hmmm--I see that Turner Classic movies is having Bye Bye Birdie at 8pm. I guess I will be knitting by then at least.
And I almost forgot--NASCAR will be back in a month. Saw the first ad this weekend on tv and SPEED channel is showing some teasers too. YES!


Angie J said...

Hey I just did that finished reading the HP series in preparation for the next movie, but then they postponed the release of the movie until this summer, the RATS!. That was always my B-Day Present to myself every other year go see the movie at the Theater. I didn't get my B-Day present this year.

I also just finished reading Tales of Beedle the Bard too. It's really cute. Not what I expected, but cute none the less.

Christylea said...

I just finished the last book. Love the series much better than the movies. Book 6 was my favorite!