Sunday, October 5, 2008

West Branch Pictures

Well, time to post some pictures from last weekend. I haven't been able to post from the laptop all week, but finally, here are some of the pictorial highlights.

I mentioned we arrived and unloaded on Friday evening. We found most booths already set up as we carted our stuff to the far end of the building. Some, the Watson Spinning Wheels were set up and covered, but others were still putting on final touches here and there.

It didn't take us too long to unload the van, We then started sorting out items and putting it at least somewhat together.
After that we went for supper, a very unimpressive meal at the local Big Boys, but apparently it WAS almost closing time.

Next morning we finished setting up and settling down for business. Rachel had a class on making bobbin lace. The rest of us sat and spun or knit or shopped. It was a long day. Especially when they had someone give a lecture at the vendors supper in the evening. We finally skipped out of that and headed to Wal-Mart (as Rachel had ruined her last change of clothes shearing sheep) and then home.

The next day, I tried to stop shopping but Jane dragged me down to a booth owned by Yarn or a Tale and I was "forced" to buy 2 bags of hand painted roving--one a sock blend in shades of blue and green, and a lovely soft silk/wool blend in pastel pinks and melon.

Here are a couple more random pictures. Those two fuzzy friends are the newest friends of the AngoraGirls. Cinnamon and Nutmeg. Jane had been told she could not come home with a bunny. So she didn't come home with A bunny, she got 2 little boys.

One of the last items I was forced into purchasing, late Saturday was my little lady, Sadie. I have been calling her a black Satin Angora, but while her head and feet are a glistening black, her body and the long hair is more of a charcoal gray. The satin really shows as she just glistens, and she is only about 13 weeks old now. She has been handled by children since birth so I have a much easier time grooming her. She is a perfect little cuddler.
Plus-she is litter trained all ready

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