Friday, October 24, 2008

If Today is Friday--Its Spinning Guild Day.

Friday morning and time for spinning guild. We were a small but might group. Jane plied up 3 skeins of 2 different yarns. Mary, who only bought her wheel 2 weeks ago was plying her 2nd and 3 skeins. She is going to be spinning circles around the rest of us.

I worked some more on my red cormo/silk blend, it spins so fine and is so pretty. I even contacted the person I got it from to see if she has more. If she doesn't have the red, maybe she has a compatible color I can spin and ply with it.

And remember that vow not to get any more wool for a while? Well--dear old Jane had some wonderful soft and crimpy light brown wool--very inexpensive. What can I say, I bought 2 pounds. And as long as I had to write a check, I also got the Lorna's Lace roving in the colorway "Amy's vintage office" a blue/brown mix.
I'm hopeless.

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Angie J said...

I am holding that red cormo hostage. She found a little bit and sent it over with me (saves you on shipping). It'll be at the farm store for you on Saturday. You need to send her a check though.