Sunday, October 5, 2008

Works in Progress

Time for some finished and unfinished objects--the main finished object is the craft room. I hung some curtains to prevent direct light on the wool but am still waiting for hubby to touch up a little of the paint and then move in dressers and tubs. Then I can block and finish the Cinnamon Wave Wrap for church. I moved my wheels in there, to make them easily accessible.

Now for some unfinished, I have 2 socks on needles, besides the 2 at a time pair which drive me crazy. I took one pair to West Branch and then decided the baby cables were not showing up so frogged back to the ribbing. In the process I had problems with one stitch so had to wait till I got home to a crochet hook to fix and knit more on them. The striping allowed no definition for the cables, so they are going to be just plain vanilla socks.

I have cast on a pair in Opal, in a hot pink for a lacy patterned pair. I found the pattern in Sensational Socks and the pattern is (I think) Bluebell. I am still on the 3X2 ribbing so will have lots of knitting on this pair yet too. I have them both in the same basket so I can do the vanilla socks when I need to do no-brainer knitting and the lacy pair when I have time to pay attention to what I am doing. I will need to list these on my Ravelry site.

I also finished spinning the pink Shetland--1 oz ball, and need to ply it. I started my blue 1 oz ball on my Kundert spindle so I will have more room. I want to spin up my little package of blue-green pygora that I picked up last weekend. I should be able to use the same smaller spindle I used for the Shetland I think. Or I will find another empty spindle. I finished spinning the August roving club package of Thermograph color way from Spunky Eclectic but no pictures. It is wonderful Blue Faced Leister and so soft. I may have enough to make a shoulder scarf/small shawl. I need to study patterns I don't think there is enough for the fichu, but may be able to make an adaptation.

My cardigan has been my main knitting project lately. I started adding a bit of waist shaping by putting 13 stitches of 1X1 ribbing on each side. That will only take it in about 2 inches total, but then, I don't go in much more than that. Maybe you can see it on this picture. It is between the 2 purple markers, and has only been for 6 or 7 rows. I also had to frog back about 2 inches. I had picked it up mid row turned the work instead of finishing the row. (sob, 2 whole inches!) But about 12 more rows and I can fuse the top of the pockets to the body. Whooo hoo! I have also been making calculations for the sleeves so will be ready to start them when the length is right.

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Christylea said...

I might have to come by this weekend to see this new room!