Monday, October 13, 2008

Completed Room

I haven't shown any pictures of the completed craft room. I moved in "some" of my stash and I can confidently state I have probably come close to SABLE status. (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy)

Here is a picture of the roving corner. Keep in mind that there are at least a couple bags and 1 tub more that belong in this section. I also have 4 bags with my blocking squares and 4 large magazine files. I need one more for the occasional magazines.

Humph--there go the funky pictures again. Maybe I should not reduce the size so much. (note: I up-sized the picture and now it looks much better.)
Any way, here is a picture of the yarn corner. But keep in mind, at least 2 more tubs belong here, plus a couple sweaters worth of bags. That tall thing is a old aluminum rack that my mother used when she ironed clothes. Needless to say I rarely needed it for that, but it is great to hang skeins from when I set the twist.
And in another corner, or at least along the wall are my spinning wheels, waiting for the Traditional to make an appearance. I still have lots to move back in. Hubby lost interest once the manual labor was done. I plan to move two of the dressers back in to hold knitted goodies along with a good dose of Cedar or Lavender scented goodies. I suppose I better put the bed back too. It is destined for the roving corner but I plan to assemble it upside down, like a trundled bed. Lots of room for wool underneath that way, and tubs can always go on top too. I think that once I bring in the 2 4X4 plywood squares, I can just pull out matching tubs to balance the boards on for blocking. So far the center of the floor is fairly empty.
Hmmmm. Good thing there aren't any fiber festivals for a long time. I may just take a year long moratorium.
Of course there is still the spinning days coming up at Chickasaw Farms. And they have bunches of tempting Shetland roving. I sense trouble ahead.


Angie J said...

There's also Border Leicester, Alpaca, and Mohair too. Ooh yeah and Bunny hair.

Also don't forget at the end of the month is Ann Arbor's Fiber Expo.

So plenty of more opportunities to stock up that lonely empty room.

Christylea said...

I love that color and the floor looks great!