Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Not so Empty Room

I got some comments on my seemingly empty craft room.  It may be a bit empty now, but remember that I have 2 dressers, a bed, a possible shelving unit, more tubs, another wheel and still leave the center full for either the floor or tubs to put the blocking boards on. 
 I think I mentioned that I have two 4 ft by 4 ft boards that I will put the little foam blocking squares on to block my knitting on--beginning, maybe this weekend, with the Cinnamon Wave Wrap.  I will try to get pictures of that in progress as well as the finished item.
I posted a picture a few weeks ago of Hubby "buzzing" wood.  His most recent truckload of slab wood included some that were almost paper thin.  Soooo, ever thinking, Hubby decided that instead of trying to cut these on the buzz saw, he would hang one edge over the end of the picnic table and use his skil-saw to cut them.  Since some of them were 16 feet long, I of course was drafted to help.  Basically that involved me just holding the end down on the table while he zipped through the other end and threw the pieces in the wheelbarrow.
So picture this today.  Temperatures have dropped and by 6:30 was about 43 degrees.  (Last time we did this, it was upper 70's.)  House was very warm, maybe 75 degrees so I had on a tee and shorts in the house.  Hubby says, I'm ready to fill another wheelbarrow. So I grab a jacket and bop outside.  Then I decide maybe I'll get a warmer jacket.  So there I am, wearing my new spruce green Carhartt barn jacket, with my hood up, because my hair still wasn't dry from washing this morning.  Leather gloves, and did I mentioned I still had my birkys on?  I must have been quite the sight. 
But, when Older Son drove by while we were out there, seated in the cockpit of a huge soybean combine, with 3 cars trailing behind him, at least he waved.

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