Friday, October 17, 2008

Rose Green Sweater

Whoopee! I am almost ready to start sleeves for the Rose Green Cardigan. Good thing. I have been browsing on Ravelry and found another one I want to make, besides the items I already have in progress and a Wrap Me Up Shawl I want to start soon.
I would post pictures of the sweater, but unfortunately I need to get a new camera. The zoom button broke off the camera. I can zoom using a toothpick, or pen, but kinda ruins the mood of the picture taking.
Spinning guild met this morning. I am still spinning some deep cranberry colored silk/Cormo blend. I also started carding my pygora with some faulklands. I got some done and will hand card the rest. But it does spin wonderfully on one of my Kundert spindles. The white wool gives a nice tint to it as well. I may need to send for more.
Yeah, like I need more fiber.
Remember the previous pictures of PART of the stash. But it is a nice blend.

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