Thursday, February 2, 2017

And I Cook

Today was Fellowship day at Community Bible Study.  Once again, with the girls starting to lay more eggs I took an egg dish using the group for my guinea pigs. After my previous hits, this wasn't so great.  I guess I'll write off that recipe as a dud and have unmarked it as a favorite.
Maybe it would have been better with more cheddar, more egg/milk and less Swiss.  But I'll go back to the other recipes next time.  I like the potato ones best.
My ear is still a bit stuffy today, but greatly improved from yesterday.
And, with the return of the 31 Days of Oscar on TCM, I am enjoying The Band Wagon. This year, they are running the movies alphabetically.  And I am continuing knitting the cardigan shown yesterday.  Great old movies are great for knitting.  Almost as god as my NASCAR races.  (Go Brad, Go Junior!)
And so far, here it is into February and I still haven't started anything new.  I can hardly believe it myself.  I am doing very well in sticking to my goals.
On my way home I stopped at the nearby Amish Grocery to pick up a few items.  Among them a new 8 inch pan.
It says it is seasoned.  I am hoping my buddy who is addicted to old iron will send me some tips for handling my new iron.  Even though it's seasoned, I probably need to do something to it, but I bet she will know just how I should break it in.

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