Saturday, February 25, 2017

Hello Again

Perhaps I should have made it my goal to dial back my postings.  I certainly seem to have don that this month.  But I have excuses, really I do.
On the 16th I had my first colonoscopy and in preparation for that a friend advised me to eat light, so the actual "cleaning out" prep would be easier.  I did and it was, but still not fun.  I hardly got any sleep the night before.  I didn't dare knit, but got lots of reading done.  My latest kick has been mysteries in an old series, "Mrs. Bradley."
I then proceeded to get a tremendous cold, and bailed on all activities for a day.  It was mostly spent sleeping and helped a lot.  The next day was spent with a box of Kleenex in hand, and a bucket for the used ones close by at all times.
Unfortunately not a lot of knitting was done during that time.  But I have finished the first sleeve on the Graceful Harvest Cardigan, and made a good start on the second.  
With the return of NASCAR now there will be prime knitting time every week.  The race format has changed some this year, and of course I need to learn to identify all the new sponsors and paint schemes.  The sweater is brainless enough for that.  I just need to keep track of decrease rows.
This past week there were several small races.  But tomorrow is the biggy: the Daytona 500.  This sleeve should grow quite a bit then.

I think I have a solution to my low knitting output.  And it's a grand one.
I have been trying to remain faithful to one project at a time.  And I still want to concentrate on finishing my Works in Progress.  But while reading the Mason Dixon Knitters blog post, I discovered why.  I need more projects.  
No, really!
I think this is giving me an excuse to wind up some yarn and cast on something more brainless for travel.  The sweater is way to large for easy travel knitting.  And if I had something smaller, I probably would have grabbed it for on the go.
Yup, I may need to spend some time tonight winding yarn.

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