Sunday, February 12, 2017

Two Steps Back

Just a bit of a setback on the sweater sleeves.  After a few rounds into the garter stitch cuff, I realized that I was supposed to switch to the smaller sized needles.  So first order of business was to think back and switch the tips on the needles.
That is what I love about the interchangeable needles.  The cable can stay put and just the tips need to be changed.  Once that was done, garter stitch in the round began again.
Seven ridges down, twelve more to go.  Then I can start the second sleeve.
And I can start making pocket plans.  Do I want to knit them in place?  Or make them separately and sew on?  Decisions, decisions.  Right now I am leaning toward knitting them in place.  Time will tell.
I'm not sure if I ever mentioned the pattern I am using for my Favorite Teen's Cardigan.  It is Harvest, by Tin can Knits.  It is a free pattern with sizes ranging from wee baby all the way up to "too big for me even."  It has been easy and I still want one for me.  I do recommend it as a fun knit to try.

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