Monday, August 14, 2017

Knit Sightings, in the Wild

This past Saturday evening was Hubby's 50th class reunion.  That's him in the striped shirt.

While I only knew a few people there, there were many faces familiar from around town.  But one of the evening's highlights was the sighting of a shawl worn by one of his classmates.  I kept describing it to Rosie, a friend we were sitting next to.  (She is legally blind.)  

I wasn't sure if it it was hand made or not, but it was gorgeous lace in dark teal.  Finally, after the meal, when people were up and mingling, I asked her about it.  

Yep, it was hand knit, from one of my favorite pattern books, "Victorian Lace Today," by Jane Sowerby.  It was one of the sampler shawls I have always wanted to knit.  And she whipped it out in two weeks.  And moreover, the border surrounding the sampler section is "true lace". Patterning on both right and wrong sides.  
But I am once again smitten by the pattern, and my fingers are just itching to cast on.  I have the book, I have some suitable yarn in the stash, in the color way Boysenberry.  I even some yarn I am tempted to buy, in a wool-silk blend in Silver to use instead.
I was pretty proud of myself for spotting it. And while it is fun to spot handknits in the wild, it can be bad for the WIP pile (Works In Progress), and sometimes the pocket.

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