Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Idle Thoughts While Sitting in the Doctor's Office

So there I was today, sitting in the doctors' office merrily knitting away.
That is the Graceful Harvest Cardigan for my oldest granddaughter.  I am still in the bottom garter stitch border, but it is growing.  I need my NASCAR back, with my quality knitting time.
I was there to see if my sore stuffed up ear was infected, and if it would prevent my upcoming colonoscopy.  It wasn't infected and won't prevent the afore mentioned procedure. (Darn.). But I was advised there was some wax and also a bit of fluid built up.  I was told what to do to drain the ear and sent on my way,
But before getting my medical prognosis, as I knit I was studying the wall graphics.  Obviously this room is used with children and there was an alphabet  around the top of the room, as well as other child friendly decor.  
But it was the alphabet that gave me pause,  especially the G and K.
Do you see the problem?  G for Gnome and K for Knight.  Both of which are silent in those words!  Instead of being fancy, they should have stuck with Goat and Kangaroo.
An idle mind is a dangerous thing when it thinks too much.

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