Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Scoreboard Flies Again

If you are a reader of my blog going back to the last year's Detroit Lion's ever dismal football season, you may remember a season-long project of mine called the Scoreboard Cowl. The idea was one round for each point scored in each game all season long. In this case Honolulu Blue for the Lions points, and a silvery gray for the opponent's scores. Between each game I added three rounds of charcole gray. At the end of the year I picked up the stitches from the provisional cast on and joined the ends of the giant tube with five rounds of charcoal. One game went into overtime and that is designated with a single round of the charcoal.

The season started rather heavy on the silver and very light on the blue. But the blue came on a bit stronger by season's end.

One thing that did happen was lots of scoring throughout the season. Which resulted on a rather long cowl.

It was a bit better doubled, but with my "no-neck" I was lost in it. (FYI--that is a mere sliver of my wool room in the background, including Gertrude, my duct tape dress form.)

Anyway, since I was swimming in it, and knew I probably wouldn't be wearing it, I posted my Facebook friends recently to see if anyone would like it.

My first cousin once removed jumped on it and I promised it to her. I passed it along to her mother, as she was out of state, and the mother passed along to her.

I think she likes it. It even goes with her Detroit Lions bracelet and tee. Glad to see it in the hands of a real fan.


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