Thursday, October 13, 2016

I Promised Pictures.

Here are the pictures that were sent to me from my spinning demonstration on Tuesday evening. Phone pictures so not the highest resolution, but you get the idea.
Yes, I do spin barefoot. At the most only with socks... and only hand knit of course.
This picture shows the sweaters and other items knit from my handspun, I had lots of yarn, as well as fiber: merino, mohair locks, Southdown wool, Shetland wool, blends, silk hankies and even some yummy soft pygora.
Not pictured is another chair that displayed a couple shawls and a poncho. The one shawl was this one completed during the 2012 Summer Olympics. It had bits of many different handspun samples. And no, my Gertrude didn't get to go.
Finally, after yesterday's rain, I managed to get everything brought in and put away. I'm glad I tossed the stash for this. I found some fiber, and yarn, I had forgotten about. Now I have more projects in mind.
That's all I need.

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