Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Spinning Success

I think I was a hit.

At my spinning demonstration Tuesday at the church ladies group, I may not have known what I was going to say but I had plenty of display items, two tubs full! What I didn't have was presence of mind to take a picture of the table laden with fiber samples, hand knits, yarn and tools. I didn't even think to have anyone take my camera and get a picture.

But I didn't need to worry about what to say. I had a few questions to get me started, and continued from there. The one in charge, was great about asking some to get me started. Then as I referred to some of the items on the table (sweaters, socks, hat, fiber, etc) she passed it around so everyone got a chance to see it up close.

There were lots of questions, and I think those who were there enjoyed themselves.

I know I did. But I still haven't completely unloaded the car.

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