Sunday, October 23, 2016

Another One Done

My thirteenth project of the year is finished. While this one was crochets and not knit it still counts.

The scarf that was the original part of this crochet adventure has been done for some time. But yesterday, I managed to finish and stitch them both up.

I am planning on making these the first gifts destined for the Christmas present pile. They will need a bath and blocking but there is plenty of time before they need to be ready.

Now to finish some of my Works in Progress. The WIP pile is way too large to start anything new, so I will ignore the fact that November is NaKniSweMo. National Knit a Sweater Month. While I do have a couple I could finish, I think I will work on the socks I have going and the couple blankets in progress. I need to finish the Baby Hap for the Purple Princess, even if she is no longer a baby.

Let's see how long I can avoid casting on something new.

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