Sunday, August 21, 2016

Whacking Away

A month or so back, we got a letter from our farm insurance company stating that they were no longer offering coverage in our area. Our local agent came out last week and offered alternate coverage. However, before they come to take pictures, we need to clear the grass, weeds and, in some areas, brush away from all the buildings.

Our tractor is needing a new tire rim, which means the brush hog is not an option. We can't keep a string weed wacker working. So, yesterday I ended up springing for Hubby's next Christmas and birthday present...a hand held bush whacker. Think weed whacker with a blade instead of a string.

Hubby has been buzzing up a storm, clearing around house, barn and garage.

In the meantime, while waiting for the rain delayed NASCAR race to finally finish, I worked on my Cactus Flower Gold Digger sock. I need to finish the cable chart twice before starting the heel gusset. The gussets get increased, and there is no flap. Just short row shaping/heel turn after the gusset.

I was worried the cables would be lost in this Madelinetosh yarn.

But they seem to be showing up nicely. These pictures show me at about row 8 of 24, on the second time through the chart, first the front then the back.

Then dark came and I turned to the Ten Stitch Blankie for my evening knitting.

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