Saturday, August 20, 2016

Cables After Dark, and Kids

Even with relative bright colors, it seems that once the natural light is gone, cabling difficulties multiply. Especially at 8 stitches per inch on size zero knitting needles.

After I needed to unknit a needle with cabling, I decided to wait until tomorrow to pick this sock back up.

At least it was the back, with smaller cables that needed to be tinkled. I guess I better work on these during the daytime and find other evening knitting.

My visit with the grand kids the other day of course needed a few pictures. Little Farmer was mugging for the camera, as usual.

"See Grammy? I have two ears!"
My Little Peanut showed off her long fingers. Knitting fingers? Maybe I better bring a pair of needles to put in her hands. (And look! Open eyes this time.)

Legend says that is how new knitters are created, by having a knitter place knitting needles in a baby's hand. I need to find some dull needles.

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