Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Crisis Averted

Well, maybe not a crisis, but a possible large expense.

Monday, we brought our beef back from the meat packer. Being a bit on the warm side, it softened a bit so when we got home we stuffed it into the freezer as soon as we could. I had offered to get it with my air conditioned car, but but Hubby didn't think Hharry could make it up the hills with over 700 pounds of meat.

We noticed the alarm flashing on the freezer because the temperature was above -5. I hit reset, but still the freezer didn't get below 19 degrees. Hubby was starting to worry the freezer was going out. We put the big barn fan on, aimed at the compressor, as it was getting warm.

And two days and one service call later, (I told you Hubby was getting nervous) the freezer is down to -5 degrees. And as you can see above, not a smidgen of room for anything else.

Plus the smaller freezer has the extra hamburger in with the usual bread and frozen veggies.

Now to repair/replace the rear tractor tire rim. It's always something, isn't it?

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