Tuesday, August 23, 2016


So, I arrive at Knit Nite to be greeted with a big bag of toilet paper tubes.

Apparently, one of my knitting friends had offered to give them to my teaching friend down by St. Joe. And since her mom and I are heading down there on Friday, I stuck them in my trunk. Hopefully I won't forget them.

To help me remember, I also stuck four ice cream buckets with lids I had promised her mom in the trunk as well. I really hope I don't forget. I'm gonna need my trunk soon to get chicken feed.

Also, while I was at Knit Nite, I was knitting away on my truly brainless project, the Ten Stitch blanket.

Alas, it is apparently not brainless enough. Just before packing it up for the night, I discovered I had 11 stitches. For the TEN Stitch Blanket.

Sigh. Some few rows of frogging back resulted in...eleven stitches.

I see more frogging in my near future. As well as more frequent stitch counting. I mean I only need to count to ten. How hard can that be?

Apparently too hard.

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