Tuesday, August 9, 2016

No Surprise

It should probably come to a surprise to no one that with the completion of the Peanut Dress, for my new granddaughter, that my thoughts have turned to new projects to begin.  Teddy bears, socks, sweaters for me,,,,,
But I quickly came to my senses.  After all, there are quite a few items sitting in the WIP pile, not necessarily in time out, but still not being worked on.  So while visions of new projects continued to dance in my head, I sorted out the projects sitting on deck.
While I will continue to work on the Tapestry Hitchhiker at odd moments, I am designating the Ten Stitch Blankie, which is for Little Peanut as my main knitting emphasis.
If this makes me sound disciplined, toss that thought out of your head.  I also signed up for a sock class at the local yarn shop.  It starts next week.  Book was previously purchased and yarn has been purchased as well.
Swatching has begun. There will be a new project begun soon anyway.  But to anyone who knows me, that should not be a surprise.

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