Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring is Just A' Poppin' With Life

Even though it poetry month, there are still other things to blog about. Some of my Facebook followers may already heard that my little blue coop will soon be filling up. Last I heard, there were three chicks and counting. I just hope they don't count too high. The coop is ready, heat lamp in place, water and feeder filled and temperature is holding steady. Just waiting for the final count and then delivery.

But in the barn, the newest addition there is settling right in. Born yesterday evening, the solid black little Simmetal bull calf is doing well. Meet #58. While dairy farmers are usually dissapointed in bull calves, beef farmers prefer bulls. They have more meat and grow faster.

His mother was rather anxious when we took him out to tag and weigh him.

But he walked out to the back of the barn on his own to be weighed. A hundred and one pounds of fun! And like all our farm boys, he had to check out the tractor.

But we told him he couldn't go for a ride. He had to get back in with Mama.

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