Sunday, April 10, 2016

Poetry Month, Day 10--Chicks and Knits

The chickens are getting bigger, their feathers are starting to sprout!

The little blue coop will lose the tub, and they will soon be running about

Inside the coop, but sheltered from chill.

My little chickies will cheep and mill.


Meanwhile, in my knitting chair, I sit and knit the the latest shawl.

The needles fly, the chart is fun, I am having quite a ball.

It's just simple lace, with stockinette,

Will she like it? Yes, I'll bet.

As you can see, my babies are almost all starting to sprout feathers. Winnie, the Gold Laced Wyanndotte has quite lovely feathers on her wings, and even getting some tail feathers.

She is busy running from the camera, but you can see the feathers starting on the others.

The shawl has grown beyond what was shown here. I have done several rows of lace now and will soon be needing to get back the wound skeins so I can continue.

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