Saturday, April 9, 2016

Poetry Month--Day 9, The Flock

The size of my little flock has grown.

Instead of five, eleven I own.

A small mixed flock of black, red and brown,

Already their antics can chase a frown.

Araucana, Golden Laced Wyandotte (just one!)

Red Cross, Australop, Barred Rock? What fun.

Matching pictures to babies running around

And wondering how soon they can hit the ground.

There are eleven running around in there. I am considering taking the tub out in a day or two, weather permitting. I can lower the heat lamp some so they can go under it, or away, as they want. That will give them a bit more room to wander, and maybe they won't keep throwing litter in the water. I am thinking about raising it a little, on a small block to prevent all the shavings in their water.

The largest chick is the Gold laced Wyandotte. I can already make out the gold edging on her feathers. One of the tiny black chicks, Dizzy, kept walking in circles. I discovered she had a case of pasty butt, but after helping with that, she seemed better.

So far so good.


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