Saturday, April 23, 2016

Month of Poetry, Day 23---Spring? Maybe.

Sunny day, chicks enjoying,

Running, full of life.

Keeping busy, in and out.


Maybe it's finally spring. Hubby has plowed the garden and run the disc over it.

The chicks seem to think it's spring. Everyone but Dizzy loves running up and down the ramp

Dizzy, the little black one who walks mostly in circles, can get down the ramp, but needs help getting up into the coop again. He is still the smallest of all.

I now am able to tell the two Red Cross chicks apart, they are Lucy (as in Ball with the lightest head), and Rita (as in Hayworth) after a couple illustrious red heads. The lightest Aurancana is Dovie, she has a gray tinge. She is by the water fountain above. Other than Dizzy, Rocky and Lacey (the one on the ramp) I still need to study the others for name, one more black one and the rest seem to be Aurancanas.

They're not babies any longer.

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