Monday, April 11, 2016

Poetry Month--Day 11, "Spin" Guild

With only a forecast of two in attendance,

We decided to meet and take our chance.

Cyndie and I sat, talked and knit instead,

We had but an hour, so our wheels stayed a' bed.

So come next month, we will try it again

Hopefully more folks will be out of their den.

But even if it is just us two who show,

We can spin a yarn with time to blow.


As mentioned above there were just the two of us coming to spin guild today. And I had to leave after an hour. But we had a good time, even if it was just the two of us.

Our group has been at cross purposes lately. Last month I couldn't attend at all. But the two months before, I had come at one and left after half an hour when no one showed. Cyndie showed up later (each month) and did the same. Hopefully we can do better in the future, both meeting up and getting people. Cyndie and I at least committed to come, at least for the first hour, next month.

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