Sunday, April 17, 2016

Poetry Month--Day 17, Assorted Sizes

While my chicks now come both big and small

I try to adjust the coop for all.

With temperatures now so very warm,

A trip outside would cause no harm.

Four of the biggest, feeling so brave

Ventured down the ramp for scratch and a wave.

The little ones stayed in the coop and twittered.

Enviously watching, as in the grass the big four skittered.

Lacey, the gold laced Wyandotte is the biggest chick I have. She is in back. The two gold ones on the right are (I think) the two Red Cross chicks, and I believe the biggish one closest on left is one of my Aurancanas. I have food and water outside for them but they all are able to get back in by themselves.

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