Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tripping Hazards

It is kind of funny that out of all our barn cats/outdoor cats, the three most recent drop offs seem to be the ones constantly under foot.

Well technically, Gina Kitty isn't really a drop off. She is a pick up. She had been an inside/outside cat who thought the couch made good kitty litter. Sho after being banished from her house, she came here to live. We live here year round too, so there was no worry about her fending for food in the winter.

Then a day or so from when Gina came here to live, Loud Mouth showed up.

If you don't pat attention to Loud Mouth, you will find her doing the winding leg thing. That's bad enough when you are walking regularly, but treacherous when you are using a cane while walking a dog on the leash.

We also gained Blackie this summer, bringing our total to about eight barn cats.

Blackie is also a foot wrapper, as you can see. Somehow it always seems to be these three cats who crave the most attention.

Unless the feeder is empty. Then they are all meowing and hovering nearby.

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