Friday, November 13, 2015

Time For Gift Knitting

With both birthdays for grandchildren as well as Christmas fast approaching, it is time for gift knitting. Some is coming from the stash, but I did make a few purchases. Just as a supplement you know.

I started a cowl like my St Augustine Cowl finished early this year. This one though is in turquoise. I think I can find someone who would like that.

I have plans for a hat and possibly mittens too but they may be able to wait until Christmas, I hope. Hope is high for a pair of Mary Jane style slippers also by Christmas.

And then there is this, already started...a pair of fingerless mitts.

In navy tweed, from my stash, they are definitely daytime knitting.

But, with all this knitting ramping up I present this:

I finally sat down and added buttons to the Flo Oatmeal Vest.

Ta dah! Although I will need to see if I can get some better pictures, I think it isn't half bad. And enough left over for a hat.

That makes my tenth finished project for 2015! I'm doing better than I thought.

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