Thursday, November 19, 2015

Gift Time Knitting.

I can't call it Christmas knitting, because I have two birthdays coming first. Both Little Farmer, who first popped into the world last Thanksgiving, and my Lil Farm Gal,whose birthday is early December, are needing presents, so that is coming first.

First up is this Turquoise Benedict Cowl. The yarn was just purchased last Friday and I am ready to start my last sawtooth section. I should have it done by bedtime, if this post doesn't take too long, at least as far as the knitting goes. But sewing up and hiding in ends should go quickly, so probably tomorrow with that.

Than, after tossing the stash, I came up with this. I'm thinking a Farmall colored earflap hat. I have a bit of time to decide which of two patterns I like best.

At least until tomorrow sometime.

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