Sunday, November 22, 2015

Games and Races.

Great day for sports in the farmhouse.

The Detroit Lions actually won their second game in a row today. And while I don't watch football (I have a friend who shoots me the score while I give her race updates), I do appreciate the fact that both of these last two games haven't been high scoring games. My Scoreboard Cowl isn't growing quite as fast as it was previously.

The knitting goes easier with the majority of the cowl folded up into a plastic bag. I can manage the three skeins much better without the length of the cowl getting all wrapped up in it.

The other sporting event, more near and dear to my heart was the NASCAR finals. My favorite driver was out of the running for the championship, but up until about 10 laps left, was leading the pack. Then a caution hit. He ended up third, and since Brad couldn't win the championship, I am glad Kyle did.

What a comeback it was too, after missing the first couple months of the season with both a broken leg on one side and a broken foot on the other. I am happy with the outcome of the season.

Now how long till the Daytona 500?

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