Thursday, November 12, 2015

Family Addition

I think I mentioned that our 18 year old tortie cat passed away suddenly recently. I had been cruising the shelter websites and Pet Finder, looking for just the right new cat.

I finally fell for a couple 3 month old kittens at Lake Haven Rescue. They had a couple white and gray females kittens. Then I saw the two Russian Blues and fell in love. Tuesday we finally made connections and I went to see what was there.

Unfortunately, most of the kitties were off getting neutered/spayed and wouldn't be back till the next day. And the two little Russian Blue females were back off in foster with an eye infection. For three weeks.

After the disappointment lessened, while I talked to an older adopted red poodle waiting for pickup, I went to look at the only cat on left the premises.

Now remember, I was looking for a short haired gray or gray and white female. Meet Lewie.

Male, long haired, and black. And a cuddle bug of a purring machine. He came home with me.

I know he looks gray in the pictures, but trust me he is black and completely invisible in the dark.

Lizzie loves Lewie.

Leo, not so much.

A low rumble constantly fills the air. And you can find Lewie by following Leo's disdainful glare.

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Alex said...

My new nephew! Everything you werent looking for. Thats the way it goes. He is beautiful. I love black cats as you know. And no its not because of our witch ancestory. That was just a myth part anyway.