Monday, November 2, 2015

The Cowl Progresses

Even if the Detroit Lions aren't. Their season looks even worse in knitting.

You will notice that my 2015 Lions Scoreboard is heavy on the silver. And light on the Honolulu Blue. Sigh. And that photo is after last week's knitting..... As in before the London debacle of a 45-10 loss yesterday. Didn't I pick a great year to document in yarn?

Just to take my mind off the gloom and gloom, here is the latest project I just had to start.

There will eight row stripes of I think eight different colors and at this point I haven't decided on a recipient. Too girly for Little Farmer I think. I may hold for a while. But for now it will take a backseat to Christmas knitting.

That's right, more new projects coming.

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