Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Musings

This morning, our service differed from the norm. When it was discovered that we would need a substitute priest this week there were none available. So it was decided to have the service of Morning Prayer. And as a lay reader, I found myself leading the service.

I have lead Morning Prayer before, usually with someone else assisting, and providing a homily. This time I lead the service alone, with a hymn sing for the sermon. Since my various stints in choirs, I always have been blessed by the music. For many years, I often played guitar during services.

Although our songs today were out of the our new hymnal, most of what we sang were the oldies. The one exception, shown below was to the tune of "Danny Boy".

I love this song. The verses are a combination of stating that there are things we may not know but take on faith. Those thoughts are contrasted with what we believe and know to be true. Powerful words.

With that song, as well as "What A Friend We Have in Jesus" and "In The Garden" and more, made for a moving faith filled message.

I think everyone was blessed.

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